Sunday, April 30, 2023

Where is Hank ?

Update: as of Jul 2021, I Buddy was separated from Hank.  Reason being a divorce in Our Family, that of our Parents.

Since then Our Dad has been wanting to hear where Hank is, how is he and if not his Mom, who has Hank ?

Buddy and Hank were adopted Jan & Apr 2012, from "Canines With A Cause"(CWAC)

I Buddy turned 12 on 29 Apr 2023 and live with Dad, PK Quinn, as did Janome passing Aug 2022 and Hank is 11, will be 12 in Oct. Unknown his whereabouts.

We have had our own Facebook Page since our Adoption  

Please if someone knows of Hank and his location, Dad and I miss Him and would like to know how he is.

You can Message Hank n Buddy on their FB page or Our Dad's FB

In our Diary below, is a collage of many Foster's we cared for.  We miss you all.


Friday, July 22, 2016

Looking Back

Looking Back to 4 Mar 2014 to Present of our Fostering several Canines with nurturing, love and kindness sometimes for days, weeks, and months each Canine until a Forever Home is found.  Fostering began after our Folks Mary & Doc adopted us from Canines With A Cause in Jan & Apr 2012

The Canines pictured below are a blend of many different breeds and sizes, who shared our home returning their love...we so appreciated,
 Hank n BuddyDoc, felines Janome and PK Quinn

Heidi Esther.... 4 Mar 2014 - 16 Jan 2015
Honor...Mar-Jul 2014
Odie...Aug 2014
Chico...Aug 2014
Heath...Sep 2014
TY...Feb 2015
Tucker...Nov 2015
Missy...Nov 2015
Bobby...Jun 2016

The Pictures tell the Story

 Not the End