Monday, August 4, 2014

Hank n Buddy's Doggie Diary

Dear Doggy Diary

My First Day: since I was adopted 25 Jan 2012,  I miss my Canines with a Cause (CWAC) family...a little already, as I am settling into my new home with the Young's. I find both of my new parents Mary & Doc both enjoyable to be with. A nice home, smells a little of Cats may live here, MCY aka Mom showed me the big back yard surrounded by big white fences, which I do not know what to do with all this space.

I have a nice big kennel with a soft pad, new toys, however I am more interest in exploring and adapting to a different life style as a 6 month old than the previous months. If you wonder why my Diary sounds a little grown up, that's because DD aka Daddy Doc is using some weird contraption and helping me to write my 1st day & night memories.

Mom, sure loves me, so many flashes of light from a silver looking box thingy, and she uses a contraption like DD too, and I see my pictures on Facebook, as I am learning, because Mom sure talks to me allot, shows me things, cuddles, petting me and sometimes I get a doggy snack.

My first night I had a small encounter with George their big Silver Tabby as DD opened the bedroom door for a quick peek...and quick it was, as this big furry paw came smacking the door frame.  Whoosh! the door closed fast.

I slept pretty good, not liking the kennel door closed, so I reminded Mom & DD, I was still here....and then about the wee hours of the morning, I think about 20 minutes after midnight I got to go outside, a little cold and windy...but DD was right there with me in his bare paws, I sure am glad I have furry paws. 

Back to bed, as I reminded Mom & DD, I was still here. And wouldn't you know it, these humans sure are nice...DD took me outside again about 4:15, thank goodness, I made it to the patio in time.

I got to stay up this time, I helped DD or I watched him push something around on the floor, I did not know if I was to play with it or as I did, sit and watch...DD told me it was a mop...then he opened a big white door and I could see bowls & plates and silver shinny I hopped up and took a look...DD called it a dishwasher....I usually clean my dishes with my tongue...humans are a little strange.

So I followed DD around the upstairs, doing little things for me to watch...he would roll me a tennis ball, not much fun so early in the I laid by his feet as he started using that contraption click, tap tap tap...and I could see another doggy that looked just like me.

DD told Mom, that I was doing good, not chewing on things, staying out of the trash, except for my couple of barks, I wanted to hear myself, its like humans pinching themselves, when it seems too good to be true.

So I am looking forward to another day, hoping soon I can play with the little surgery was nothing, I am bouncing around, about my new home.

I may get to see Mom's My Time 2 Quilt Studio, soon too and I cannot wait for my first walk to sniff out the neighborhood and prance about showing myself off. You may want to see more of me at Picasa

Signed, Hank "Poke" Williams Jr.

p.s. I am nicknamed Poke, after my brother in another life, he was Louisiana Catahoula Leopard & Queensland Heeler & after H W Jr. the singer, whose father nicknamed him Bocephus, so you can see why I like Poke better. I am not sure who gave me the name Hank, DD calls me Hank'ster

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